Here are some projects we are currently developing.


Have a look around this page and if anything strikes a chord with you, please let us know.


Any donation, however small, will be greatly appreciated. Even £5 goes a long way in India’s poorest regions, where people with huge families to support (children, parents, and grandparents or aunts traditionally live all together in small rooms) often  earn less than £20 - £50  a month! Current salary for junior teachers at Siddhartha School is only £50 a month, as this is all we are able to afford.


There are many ways for you to support us. We welcome money donations (no admin fees, full receipts provided upon request), school supplies, books, your expertise, or your time. For example, if you are experienced in curriculum development,  you can help us by sharing your ideas and suggestions with our staff.


You can make a donation by bank transfer, cheque (please email us for our UK address) or by cash (depending on location, an official Siddhartha School representative can meet you in person - UK, Europe, India).


On behalf of all the children at Siddhartha School, we thank you for your generosity!



“Indifferentism is the worst kind of disease that can affect people.” B.R. Ambedkar










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This would be our most expensive project yet. Two makeshift classrooms on the roof of our school have been in need of construction since 2010 - tin roof, unplastered brick walls, water damage on the floor.

7th - 10th Standard students who have lessons there every day, endure extreme heat in the summer months and flooding in the monsoon season.

Further damage to the structure is caused by vandals from the nearby colonies, as well as gangs of monkeys.



Total estimated cost: £10 000

Now that we finally have a few computers (thanks to the campaign in 2018), our goal for 2019 is to set up regular computer classes.


Even though using chalkboard tablets with our youngest students seems very eco-friendly, we want to equip our graduates with at least some basic computer skills.

Computer access is definitely not something to be taken for granted here, especially that our colony consistently suffers from power outages.



Estimated salary for a full-time teacher: £100 p/m

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Whenever we can afford it, we re-paint the whole school and address any water damage/mould infestation. Ideally, this needs to be done once a year and is crucial to providing the children with a safe and pleasant learning environment. We depend entirely on donations to complete this annual project.

In the future, we would also like to upgrade all our blackboards, as they are becoming increasingly more difficult to write on.



Estimated cost for the whole school building (paint and labour): £800

Thanks to your generous donations in 2015, we now have a library/reading room. Just a few months ago, there were only dirty walls and rickety chairs in that classroom! Now, students can read, study and research their projects there.

If you have any old books or study materials that you’d like to add to our collection, please let us know. Or you can help us purchase new books and notebooks through a donation referrenced "Library".

Once we find sponsorship for a computer, the library will also become a computer study centre and you will be able to connect directly with our students via Skype.

The students also need new backpacks to carry their books in, as their old/second-hand ones are literally falling apart.

Estimated cost per backpack: £3

After our successful crowdfunding "Education & Sanitation" campaign in 2015, we installed new water tanks and a water filter, re-tiled the wash basins and cleaned up the toilets. Prior to that, the water was yellow and filled with parasites causing many illnesses.

Unfortunately, the filter was not performing as well as we had hoped and a re-route to an underground water source was constructed this year. Due to vandalism in the area, we also had to hire two night guards for the school.As soon as we receive a partial refund for the old filter, we need to upgrade the system and have the water tested again for parasites and impurities.

Estimated cost (minus the refund): £800

Night guard's monthly salary: £50 pp (x2)

Our students absolutely love educational trips and new experiences! We had a lot of fun in 2015 when we visited Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Wildlife SOS Sloth Bear Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre,  Sikandra, and Dayalbagh Garden.

We'd like to organize more events in the future: recycling/environmental responsibility/sanitation workshops, sex ed/menstruation/women's rights awareness classes, cultural exchange experiences, art studio, documentary screenings (e.g. Driving with Selvi, Before the Flood), trips to museums, theatres or other cities.

Estimated cost for a 2-day trip to Delhi: £10 per student

Estimated cost per movie screening: £100-£300

Estimated cost for a 1-day trip within Agra: £5 per student


Please email us with

suggestions or

if you can offer your

time and expertise.

We have created over 50 amazing designs for postcards, badges, and tote bags that we would like to use to raise funds for the school. The images are all unique and original. You can buy a beautiful badge or an eco bag with the school logo for yourself (meaningful fashion statement!) or you can help us purchase enough postcards to sell at the adjacent guest house. All proceeds will go towards the development of our projects.

If you are interested in supporting us this way, please email us directly and we will send you more information.

Estimated cost per 50 postcards (to be sold to tourists in Agra and Vaishali): £25

Cost per badge (depending on size and shape):* £3-£10

Cost per eco tote bag:



*details coming soon

If you're a teacher travelling to or living in India, we can offer up to 3 days' basic accommodation in exchange for a minimum of 3 taught lessons per day.

Once we set up our first computer lab, you can also connect with our students via Skype - chat, tell us about your country, learn some Hindi and teach some English (or other languages). We also welcome experienced teachers who can offer teacher training sessions for our staff.

School authorisation, accredited teacher training, and curriculum development are also on our list of long-term goals.

Estimated cost

per PC: £300

Estimated cost of




£15 000