We held a very successful art competition and got our students thinking about the environment and recycling.


Prizes were distributed during Indepence Day celebrations. There were dance, drama, poetry and singing performances.

Talents truly abound in our school!

Siddhartha School organizes children performances and art exhibitions for all major Indian celebrations in Agra.

Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to purchase toys, books and study materials for the school. We also had fun speaking English, exploring the world on our new maps, and learning some cute art tricks.


You can see in these photos that most of the school was still under construction and our toilets were unsanitary and unacceptable. We started slow improvement works that year.

Our school looked more beautiful than ever with the addition of a new classroom, freshly painted walls, new toilets, and flower pots!


The same classroom in 2012 and in 2013 - a new coat of paint makes a big difference!


Sadly,  in November that year, our beloved Bhanteji was taken ill and passed away. He spent his last days talking about his dreams for both the schools - in Agra and in Vaishali. He was a man of great passion and vision!

Our Education and Sanitation JustGiving crowdfunding campaign was a huge success! Thanks to your generosity, we managed to collect over £3000 for the installation of new water tanks and filters.


We even had enough money left over to refurbish a couple of classrooms, create a library with brand new furniture, and organize a few educational school trips for the students!


We also visited some of our most deprived students' homes to assess their situation and see how we could help them in the future. Please read more about their situation on our BLOG.

The before and after photos of our water tanks are amazing! Finally, we have clean water to drink at the school.


The teachers are working very hard to expand the library and turn our students into independent readers.


We organized a trip to the flower show in Agra and we had a theatre perfomance prepared for the Republic Day.


We also said goodbye to our 10th graders this year. They left us with some impressive state  board examination results!





Some highlights from the past 8 years!

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This year is all about collecting money for our annual refurbishment and for our first-ever computer lab! It would be such a huge step forward for us if we could start teaching our kids basic computer skills and connect with the rest of the world.


In March this year, we celebrated Holi and the 62nd anniversary of the foundation of our Buddha Vihar Complex in Agra (by Dr Ambedkar himself).

Also, we are now waiting for the board examination results due in May. Fingers crossed!






We ended 2018 on a very positive note - our  campaign to raise money for a new computer lab was a great success. We bought five computers (with extra power banks), a photocopier, speakers, and a laptop for the teachers.


We also managed to organise three workshops  for the students and we had a lot of educational fun! Thanks to some fantastic teaching resources provided by Menstrupedia, our girls learnt a lot about menstrual health and their own bodies.


The World's Largest Lesson about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals was very thought-provoking and inspiring, too.


But most importantly, we started building a new toilet for girls only. The construction work will be put on hold until the end of January and hopefully we will complete the project in February 2019.